Darren Waterston: Forest Eater

Darren Waterston: Forest Eater

Forest Eater evolved as an exhibition concurrently installed at The Contemporary Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Arts. The exhibition title refers to Pele, who is Ka wahine 'ai honua - the woman who devours the land, representing the forces of volcanic activity, which simultaneously destroy and bring life. In Forest Eater, these earthly processes are evoked in works on canvas, panel and paper that move between abstracted and pictorial representations. In both presentations, Forest Eater elicits an alternative way of viewing these Islands. Waterston sidestepped obvious first impressions and the seductiveness of color, revealing instead a darker view of Paradise. The tactile surface and spectacular movement of lava are also captured in sculptures that represent a new creative territory for Waterston.

Published by The Honolulu Academy of Arts, 24pp, 2011. Softcover, ISBN 978-0937426-87-6

Item #: 978-0937426-87-6

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