Hiroshige Print: Plum Estates, Kameido

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Acclaimed woodblock artist Kenji Takenaka recreated a beautiful print of Hiroshige's Plum Estate, Kameido. A fifth generation master at the Takenaka Mokuhan established in 1891 Kyoto. He studied under his father renowned master printer Seihachi Takenaka.
Kenji launched Takezasado, a design company dedicated to preserving the art of woodblock printing as well as further developing it. He proposed the project based on HoMA's print of Utagawa Hiroshige's influential ukiyo-e print, which is the first one but also a different colored version.
Kenji recreated the Hiroshige reproduction in Kyoto, using Hosho-shi paper made by ninth-generation master and Living National Treasure of Japan Ichibei Iwana. A single sheet can cost up to $120.
The limited print is six percent larger than Hiroshige's original with the HoMA stamp on the back, noting it is a reproduction by Takezado.
This is beautiful gift of art for yourself or someone special.


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